Babysitter Background Checks

Don't have time to see if your babysitter has a current working with children clearance or check their references?

Intelligence Studio now gives you the ability to perform the same background checks and vetting processes as employers do while recruiting for their new potential employees. Be confident that your babysitter is at least holding a current and valid Working With Children Check issued by the government and is lawfully able to work in Australia and as part of the basic package we’ll even take care of checking their references to make sure they’re a good fit for your family. The next time your organising that badly needed weekend away or when your partner surprises you with date night, you can now have peace of mind knowing your kids are in good hands.

Baseline Babysitter Background Checks include:

  • Identity Confirmation – Confirmation of the applicant’s identity via our secure digital online process trusted by corporations Australia-wide.


  • Express Referee Checks – Detailed questionnaire covering a range of essential questions is emailed to listed referees. This information is then cross-referenced with the data supplied by the candidate to determine the validity and accuracy of the information.


  • Open Source and Social Media Presence – A ‘deep dive’ is conducted of the world wide web and also social media platforms. This data is accessible by anyone including your competitors, investors, and customers therefore we will conduct pre-emptive searches to identify any adverse intelligence the applicant may bring to your company and also give you further insight into the applicants associations, habits, interests and activities.


  • Verification of Working with Children Check -We conduct checks via the state-based authority to ensure the applicant has a valid working with children approval.


  • Visa Status and Work Entitlement Check – Even if an applicant holds a Visa, a “right to work” check is an affordable way to ensure they comply with all Australian laws. As an employer, a right to work check gives you the peace of mind you need when considering an applicant and avoids expensive fines of hiring someone who is not legally entitled to work in Australia.


  • First Aid Currency Verification – We conduct checks directly with the provider to confirm the currency and validity of the applicants first aid qualification.

Want to know a little more about your potential Babysitter?

  • Comprehensive Referee Checks ($45) – We contact the nominated referees directly and obtain information about the candidate’s suitability across 5 key areas to provide you with greater perspective and insight into the candidates work history and abilities to help you assess their suitability to perform the role.


  • Express Employment Confirmation ($15) – Information relating to a tenant’s employment will be corroborated and verified. This information includes but is not limited to their tenure, dates of employment, employment type and any other pertinent information relating to their employment. Intelligence Studio will go above and beyond to obtain relevant information to assist you in making an informed decision.


  • Comprehensive Employment History Check ($45) – We verify the name of organisation, dates employed, positions held, reason for leaving, employment type (Full time / Casual etc) for all previous companies listed on the candidate’s application (up to 7 years)


  • Criminal History / Australian Police Check ($50) – Our Police checks are 100% online. Our data is received through our reliable third party partner and checks are typically completed within 24 hours. Delays can be caused by any adverse information held on the applicants profile, and in this case the response time can take a little longer. 


  • Civil and Criminal Court Outcomes ($6) – A copy of an applicant’s police criminal history through our Australian Police check, which provides details of all convictions for that person, however, criminal court attendances are not shown. Therefore, a person could have been before the courts on multiple occasions, but if they were never convicted, their police criminal history would clear. This product will not show you a person’s criminal history but will show you any court attendances listed against their name, irrespective of the result.


  • Tertiary Qualification Verification ($30) – We directly contact and access databases to verify and confirm the authenticity of any qualifications claimed to have been received from educational institutions on the applicants resume. Tertiary education in Australia consists of both government and private institutions. A higher education provider is a body that is established or recognised by or under the law of the Australian Government, a state, or the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.


  • Drivers Licence Check ($45 or $85 NT) – Particularly useful for companies operating in the transport industry or where driving is an essential part of the work to be performed, ensuring the legitimacy and currency of a driver’s licence is a simple and cost-effective safeguard for employers. 


  • Drug Testing ($100) – Working with our Partners, Sonic HealthPlus we offer drug and alcohol screening as part of the onboarding process – testing for Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, Cocaine, Marijuana and Opiates.


  • Online Personality Testing and Aptitude Testing – Choose from a range of personality, aptitude and job specific online assessments to clearly identify a candidates strengths, weaknesses and suitability to a specific role.


Note: Most of the above listed checks will require you obtaining permission from the applicant prior to you submitting a request to us. The permission is to protect the individuals right to privacy and is essential for a number of reasons including being able to conduct various checks using their personal information, disclosing their personal information (name, dob etc) to a third party, and also disseminating the results to a third party and for you to also view the completed checks.

1. Submit your request online

Submit your request via our website.

2. We confirm the Applicants identity

Using only trusted government databases we confirm the applicants identity.

3. We conduct the research and analysis

Our analysts work their magic by conducting analysis across a range of services to get you the answers you need.

4. You receive the results in your inbox

All of our findings are populated into an easy to read, comprehensive report and emailed directly to you.

How do we confirm the applicants identity?

In May 2017 the Federal Government officially announced that the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) provided an opportunity for all jurisdictions, and businesses, to finally create a national interoperable digital identity framework.

How does Intelligence Studio verify an applicants Identity?
A potential employee, babysitter or tenant will receive a notification from Intelligence Studio informing them of your request and outlining the process which involves the online verification of their identification. 

The applicant will then be required to verify a trusted form of identification, usually in the form of an Australian passport and an Australian drivers licence, before being requested to conduct a ‘liveness check’ using the camera on their mobile device or laptop. This information is the verified against government databases and the photograph on the identification is compared with the photograph obtained by this process.

Our identity provider will then inform us of the results in seconds so that you can be sure the applicant is who they say they are and adds another level of security and peace of mind to our customers.

This simple but important process addresses the growing levels of ‘identity friction’ that has become an unnecessary burden and cost in conducting what should be straightforward transactions whilst still being able to combat identity fraud and security vulnerabilities in application processes.

Need more Information? Visit https://www.idmatch.gov.au

Legal Compliance

Assists businesses in complying with New Zealand AML/CFT and Australian AML/CTF legislation.

Private and Secure

No personal data is retained by us during the processing of online ID verification transactions. 

OAuth 2.0

OAuth 2.0 is the current universal standard of online security when it comes to safeguarding your customers’ credentials.