Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer, No. We believe in flexibility and choice, that is why you will never be locked into contracts with Intelligence Studio. The only time where there could be a contractual arrangement is where you are a corporate client, and you elect to receiving invoices instead of paying up front for services and you are obtaining special rates.

It is essential that we only provide and obtain information from someone that we have thoroughly verified so that we are not unlawfully disclosing personal information without consent or to the wrong person. We also see this as an essential feature for you, our valued customer, to be 100% confident you have the applicants full and correct details and have confirmed that all the information associated with that person’s identity to provide a more complete vetting process.

We allow you to be able to Instantly verify your applicant’s identity electronically with the world’s leading suite of global data sources, whilst providing cutting-edge fraud prevention. This process is done with the highest level of security and privacy compliance and is also ISO27001 Compliant.

The reliance on digital platforms and technology interwoven into our lives has brought us immeasurable benefits and value. This efficiency and change in how we operate as a business has come at a cost with an uptick in identity theft and account takeovers, and businesses now need a reliable way to confirm that someone is who they say they are.

In the same as we do not process credit card payments manually anymore, having staff manually request and process ID documents is the same resource, storage and security burden as that process once was. By using an automated process via the Intelligence studio website this is streamlined and taken care of for you and a fast and secure digital platform.

These packages are purely for corporate clients conducting desktop investigations. As there are higher thresholds of security and privacy involved with these products, they are offered exclusively for the use of companies that we have entered into a commercial agreement with. If you fall into this category please contact us at hello@intellstudio.com.au so that we can setup an account and provide you with further information.

You can pay via our secure online payment gateways such as Stripe (Credit Card), Paypal, Direct Debit or if you have an account setup with Intelligence Studio, you will be invoiced according to your agreed terms. To setup an account with Intelligence Studio please contact us at hello@intellstudio.com.au

We are an Australian wholly owned and operated company with our team based in Sydney. Where possible we aim to keep our search providers and infrastructure based within Australia in an attempt to increase data security and maintain sovereignty. 

To increase the security of the information we receive and provide you, as well as increasing efficiency we strive to be a wholly digital based company, meaning no records or personal information is kept lying around our office unsecured. This reduces the likelihood of information being seen by unauthorised people, lost or misplaced. To maintain that security, we also transmit all products electronically meaning nothing can get lost in the mail, opened by the wrong people or delivered to the wrong address.

Whilst checking identification documents such as passport, driver’s licence or a birth certificate is an important step in verifying the prospective tenant, we recommend that before collecting, using and/or storing personal information belonging to someone other than yourself, it is vital that you consider what, if any, obligations you have under the Privacy Act 1988 (the Act) and ensuring your compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Australian Privacy Act – https://www.legislation.gov.au/Series/C2004A03712
Australian Privacy Principles – https://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/australian-privacy-principles/

If you are unsure about your obligations under the Act, we recommend that you obtain your own independent legal advice.

You have a legal obligation to advise an applicant/individual about how their personal information will be used and disclosed. When using personal information as part of a background check, it is a condition of use that you obtain the consent of the individual prior to the use and disclosure of their personal information. This will be confirmed by us on our website during the order process by ticking the ‘Consent’ box confirming the above has occurred.

We obtain our information from a large number of reliable, reputable and paid data sources. All of our data is lawfully obtained, handled and disseminated. We also ensure that we meet all of our privacy obligations under the Privacy Act for every step of the process.

Yes, the applicant can email hello@intellstudio.com.au to request a copy of all the information held on themselves by Intelligence Studio.

If you would like to know what information Intelligence Studio retains and disposes of after the checks are complete. You will be asked to provide ID and consent to check prior to this occurring.

You need to consider what obligations, if any, you have under the Privacy Act 1988 with respect to access to personal information. If an individual requests access to personal information held by Intelligence Studio you should refer them directly to us to assist them with their concerns or queries.

Intelligence Studio strives to protect your privacy by default through our internal procedures and IT infrastructure. We comply with the relevant privacy legislation in Australia which sets out the requirements for reporting and the notification to affected parties of any data breach or inadvertent release of information and are also registered CAPI master licence holder. We also obtained extensive legal advice as well as a review of our information handling practices ensuring a high level of compliance. Further in-depth information about privacy can be found under the legal tab of this website.
How do you ensure Transactional security when I use your website?
Intelligence Studio enforces secure socket layer (SSL) connections for every page of our website and the use of SSL means that data transmitted between your computer and our site is encrypted and protected at all times. We work with a PCI compliant payment gateway that we embed within our application. Our website never sees and never stores sensitive credit card data or other payment information.

Intelligence Studio maintains a clean-desk policy and pursues paperless office practices as the norm. All information transmitted is always encrypted and we store information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles on encrypted secure cloud storage and physical drives. If we no longer require your personal information, we delete it permanently from our systems.
In the unlikely event we do use paper-based documents, we dispose of all paper-based documents using secure commercial shredding services. At Intelligence Studio we strive to maintain a digital workplace to not only improve our security practices and efficiency in disseminating information to you… but it’s also our little way in helping protect our environment.

A VEVO / Work Entitlement report can put your mind at ease if you’ve concerns around an existing employee. For new employees, everyone should be checked unless they can validate they are:
• An Australian or New Zealand citizen.
• An Australian permanent resident.
Often companies will perform annual checks on key employees to ensure they are aware of any changes to their personal circumstances and also conduct psychometric and drug assessments in a proactive measure to be able to put support in place for any at risk employees.
A VEVO / Work Entitlement report includes the Visa provisions for all non-Australian citizens, along with any restrictions. This report includes:
• Which Visa is held and its expiry date.
• The person’s “must not arrive after” date.
• The person’s period of stay and conditions.
While a national police check covers an employee’s criminal history, a Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) check protects you against employing people who are not legally entitled to work in Australia.
A VEVO check validates the working entitlements of non-Australian citizens, foreign nationals or people with limited working Visas.

Penalties are enforced by the Australian Department of Home Affairs and include up to $63,000 and/or five years’ imprisonment per illegal worker and up to $315,000 for bodies corporates.

In Australia, you can legally work if you are:
• An Australian or New Zealand citizen.
• An Australian permanent resident.
• Have the right Visa. 
Please note, Australian visas can have restrictions including only being able to work for a certain employer or a specific number of hours.
Note: Foreign nationals who don’t have a valid visa are not allowed to work in Australia. This can include a person whose visa has expired or been cancelled.

If your candidate is going to have any financial say or sway, or if your company works in the banking or finance sectors, a bankruptcy check is strongly recommended. Failing to do so could put your company’s AFSL at risk.

We have partnered with one of Australia’s most reliable screening clinics, Sonic Health Plus. With clinics based all over Australia in both metro and remote locations, conducting drug and alcohol checks are now made convenient and easy. The below process will take place:

In-Clinic Drug and Alcohol Screening
1. You’ll be sent instructions by Intelligence Studio to call your closest Sonic health plus clinic and book in for a drug and alcohol screen.
2. Arrive at the clinic 15 minutes before appointment to complete any paperwork and read the donor information sheet.
3. Donor called to screening room.
4. A Urine or Saliva collection procedure takes approx. 10-15 min per person to complete.
5. Non-Negative means an initial drug screen has indicated the possible presence of a drug metabolite which requires the sample to be sent for further testing to a NATA accredited laboratory.
6. Interim Result report provided to the supervisor at the conclusion of the test.
7. Confirmatory results are provided within approximately 24hrs of final results being made available by the laboratory.

Saliva Drug device screening is an oral fluid-based test for illicit and/or prescription drug use and is performed consistent with AS4760:2006 requirements. This test is simple and discrete, with results visually interpreted within minutes.

Indicative non-negative or negative results in five class drugs including;

Marijuana and

Non-Negative oral fluid samples are sent for confirmatory testing to a NATA accredited laboratory.

You must have a valid reason (authorised search purpose) to search on an individual’s details. Australia has very strict privacy laws protecting an individual’s right to privacy therefore searching for an individual without an authorised search purpose, consent or law enforcement request can result in serious penalties including fines and imprisonment.

Valid reasons to conduct a search include but are not limited to:


Valid reasons include when you:

• are searching on your own details
• have been given the person’s consent to search using their details
• are considering providing credit to the individual
• are considering going into business with or investing in the individual
• have a security interest already over the individual’s property
• need to check if there is a security interest registered against the individual’s property
• have taken control of the person’s property as a result of administration or bankruptcy
• are the legal representative of the individual.

Documented consent is always the best way to record that you have the persons authority to disclose their information to a third party, and can be documented in the form of something similar to the below.
Consent form 
We, ___________________________, as the initiator of this process wish to conduct background checks using your personal information such as your full name, date of birth, address, phone number and email. To enable this process to be completed we are required to collect, use and disclose your personal information to third parties such as Intelligence Studio.
This assessment will be completed with the assistance of Intelligence Studio who we will disclose your personal information to. We are providing you with notification about the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as part of this process. We are doing this in accordance with the National Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 1988 regardless of whether the Act expressly applies to me or not. Intelligence Studio also has further information about this process, their privacy policy and collection statement which is available for viewing at www.intellstudio.com.au
Please take the time to read all of the policies listed on the Intelligence Studio website carefully and if you are unsure about the process, have concerns or need clarification, please contact them on 1800 960 061, hello@intellstudio.com.au or contact me directly.
If you give consent for this process to be commenced and for your personal information to be disclosed as described to complete your application, please sign this form as acknowledgement, so that we have your consent to carry out further activities with regards to your personal information in order to process your application.
Collection and disclosure of personal information 
We collect your personal information to assess the commercial or public risks and also your suitability in relation to a potential binding agreement with you. One of the ways I do this is by disclosing your personal information to Intelligence Studio Pty Ltd (ABN 68 639 429 995) Your information may be used to access various databases to gain historical and current information about you on various topics. 
To carry out this role when processing your application, during the term of our association and for some time thereafter, we may need to disclose your personal information to one or more of the following: 
• Other Landlords or their Agent Representatives 
• Lawyers, mortgagees or insurers 
• Referees you have nominated 
• Government Agencies and bodies
• Law Enforcement
• Educational Institutions 
• Organisations or trades people required to carry out maintenance of the premises or to deal with any complaints 
• Rental bond authorities or rent bond insurance providers 
• Residential Tenancy Tribunals & courts 
• Mercantile agents and / or Government Agencies seeking to contact you 
• Equifax Australia Information Services and Solutions Pty Limited ABN 26 000 602 862 and any other entity in 
• Tenant (Tenancy) databases 

If your personal information is not provided to me or my representative and you do not consent to the uses to which we use your personal information, we cannot properly assess the commercial risks associated with the potential agreement or arrangement that we intend to enter. Consequently, we then cannot proceed with this process.

In order for me to accept your acknowledgement that you have read and agree with the content of this privacy Disclosure Statement we request that you please sign below:

Applicant details:
Full Name:

You can visit www.idmatch.gov.au to better understand the process as well as gain a deeper understanding of what happens to your information during and after the process has been completed.

None. Intelligence Studio doesn’t handle, store or transmit any of your identification information during this process. We re route this process through a trusted and accredited Identification Verification company.

They don’t keep any personal information transmitted by our hubs to verify or identify you.

As a general rule, they also don’t permanently keep transaction data and only  keep it for the minimum period required under the law and for auditing purposes.

The government agency that originally collected your personal information when issuing your identity document will continue to hold it. 

The Australian Government will hold a copy of your driver licence information in the National Driver Licence Facial Recognition Solution. This includes a facial image template, which is used for biometric matching.

Approved organisations in Australia and New Zealand can use the Document Verification Service (DVS), while only approved Australian organisations can access the Face Matching Services. Use of the services must be reasonable, necessary and proportionate to a user’s functions or activities.

The DVS is currently used by more than 120 Commonwealth, state and territory agencies and more than 1100 private sector organisations.

At present, only government agencies can use the Face Matching Services, with Face Identification Service access restricted to law enforcement agencies only.

In future, private sector organisations may be able to access the Face Verification Service (but not other Face Matching Services) along the same lines as the DVS.

General Disclaimer

The information contained on the intellstudio.com.au website is general information only and does not constitute legal, financial or compliance advice. As the laws relating to privacy may have changed, we recommend you check with the relevant State or Territory government department. We also recommend that you obtain your own independent legal advice about matters relating to landlord / employee obligations, tenant and employee rights and any legal disputes you may have with a third party.