Providing valuable information through background checks and vetting services for Australian Companies and Families.

At Intelligence Studio, we take care of all the time-consuming groundwork for you by performing extensive research and analysis and providing you with comprehensive background checks. We service both our corporate clients as well as members of the public with our wide variety of vetting processes, risk mitigation strategies and thorough analysis conducted by our highly experienced intelligence analysts. Our services provide you with a competitive advantage by arming you with valuable and often unattainable information to help you assess potential risks and further assist you in making more informed and intelligence decisions. 

We are an Australian owned company that also offers our corporate clients a variety of desktop investigation services, targeted intelligence products and due diligence searches. Being Australian-based, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with expert industry knowledge, personal support and most importantly, timely and precise intelligence obtained through a variety of sources that are specific to the local requirements.

With both directors of Intelligence Studio each having worked for over a decade in the Intelligence space for several Australian State and Federal agencies, it was obvious that having access to the right information was just as critical for assessing risk and making informed decisions in the private sector as it was in government and law enforcement. They quickly recognised a gap in the Australian market and identified not only an opportunity, but also a genuine need to provide private companies with valuable intelligence to not only protect their business interests, but provide them with knowledge and insight into the people they are recruiting and trusting to be part of their life. Applying similar methodologies as those used by law enforcement, Intelligence Studio is able to obtain and examine information and data which will provide you with insights that you previously may not have been privy to.

At Intelligence Studio, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with all of your information requirements via one simple and easy to use online process, so they can focus on what they do best.

You can also be confident that security is just as important to us and high levels of security features have been imbedded into our own internal processes for every package that we provide. 

We service clients right across Australia and provide valuable intelligence to a number of industries including hospitality, construction, recruitment and HR, law firms and Finance. We are always happy to expand our network and share our expertise, if you believe our services could be of value to your industry, please click on the email link below or call us on 1800 960 061 and an Intelligence Studio Analyst will be happy to discuss your requirements.