Why are so many people doing background checks these days?

If you are planning to enter in to a formal agreement with a company or member of the public (i.e new employee), it has become common practice to conduct background checks and due diligence as a method of risk mitigation for your company. The concept of background checks is nothing new, however has significantly increased of late. A recent study by HR.com found that 96% of employers in the United States are now conducting at least one type of background check before hiring staff or signing formal agreements or partnerships.

The reason for the increase in background checks is highlighted by the Wall Street Journal which found that 34% of all job application forms contained “outright lies about experience, education, and the ability to perform essential functions on the job.” The estimated costs associated with the employment process through resume fraud has been estimated to cost employers roughly $600 billion per year.

The small upfront cost of conducting a background check is a smart investment according to a Career Builder survey, suggesting that 75% of employers said they have hired the wrong person for a position, and of those who had a bad hire affect their business in the last year, one bad hire costs them $17,000 on average. This doesn’t account for repetitional damage, loss of productivity and lower staff morale as a result of hiring the wrong candidate. 

At Intelligence Studio we aim to help people and organisations reduce the potential financial strain and reputational damage by conducting thorough background checks of not only new employees but also babysitters, vendors/suppliers, and potential new tenants. Our mission is to provide you with all of the information you require to assist you in making an informed decision for your company, assets and family.

Comprehensive background checks and research made easy with our online application process

Protect yourself and your assets against identity, resume and application fraud.
1. Submit your request online

Submit your request via our website.

2. We confirm the Applicants identity

Using only trusted government databases we confirm the applicants identity.

3. We conduct the research and analysis

Our analysts work their magic by conducting analysis across a range of services to get you the answers you need.

4. You receive the results in your inbox

All of our findings are populated into an easy to read, comprehensive report and emailed directly to you.

How do we verify the applicants identification?

In May 2017 the Federal Government officially announced that the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) provided an opportunity for all jurisdictions, and businesses, to finally create a national interoperable digital identity framework.

How does Intelligence Studio verify an applicants Identity?
A potential employee, babysitter or tenant will receive a notification from Intelligence Studio informing them of your request and outlining the process which involves the online verification of their identification. 

The applicant will then be required to verify a trusted form of identification, usually in the form of an Australian passport and an Australian drivers licence, before being requested to conduct a ‘liveness check’ using the camera on their mobile device or laptop. This information is the verified against government databases and the photograph on the identification is compared with the photograph obtained by this process.

Our identity provider will then inform us of the results in seconds so that you can be sure the applicant is who they say they are and adds another level of security and peace of mind to our customers.

This simple but important process addresses the growing levels of ‘identity friction’ that has become an unnecessary burden and cost in conducting what should be straightforward transactions whilst still being able to combat identity fraud and security vulnerabilities in application processes.

TDIF Accredited

Digital iD™ is the first non-government provider to be accredited under the Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework.

ISM Compliance

Digital iD™ is accredited under the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM).

OAuth 2.0

OAuth 2.0 is the current universal standard of online security when it comes to safeguarding your customers’ credentials.